Crazy Experience au cabaret Crazy Horse Paris © Riccardo Tinelli


Crazy Horse Paris presents… The Crazy Experience…

To enjoy the show even more intensely before the curtain goes up!

Secrets, anecdotes, behind the scenes… the legendary Crazy Horse dancers reveal the underside of their cabaret and tell you its history during a very private tour full of surprises. One hour of total immersion, even backstage, where champagne and petits fours await you!

As Alain Bernardin, the founder of the Crazy Horse, would say: “THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL”.

… All the more reason to entrust the keys of the tour to the angels of the stage!


Enny Gmatic, dancer: “Our cabaret has existed since 1951 and has a genuine history. I really want to share that with the audience, capture their imagination!”

Mika Do, dancer: “For us, the Crazy Experience is a unique way to come into contact with members of the audience and whet their imagination before the show even begins.”

Svetlana Konstantinova, Stage and Production Director: “For those who have had this experience firsthand, it adds another dimension to the show.” When they come to see us again, they see us in an entirely new light!”


7:15 p.m. Reserved for a limited number of spectators — 16 maximum—, the Crazy Experience can begin. Velvet, lacquered wood, mirrors… the smallest nooks and crannies in this red and black temple to Parisian nightlife reveal their grand history as well as little anecdotes. Even the restroom with its Art Déco style has beautiful surprises in store.

Backstage, the doors of the former office of Alain Bernardin, the founder of the Crazy Horse, open to you. This cozy boudoir whose ceiling is mysteriously reflected in a mirror table is both captivating and intriguing.

But shh! We’ve said enough! Champagne for everyone! While enjoying a few glasses and an exquisite selection of petits fours, the dreamy bubbles will explode like shooting stars…

8:15 p.m. It is time for the dancers to go back to their exclusively reserved dressing rooms. In a few moments, on stage, the perfect curves of their sensual bodies will appear in the limelight, subtly tattooed with light…

With your senses sharpened by the crazy experience you just had, you will take the special seat reserved for you in the theater and enjoy the half-bottle of Cuvée Crazy we have set aside for you.

Behind the curtain, the elite from the world of seduction, mischievousness and impertinence are preparing to perform the sexiest chic numbers in the city of light.


          Lights out. Music. Let the show begin!

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Jérôme and Marie, a young couple (Paris): “We were welcomed as if we were VIPs, which made us feel like we were joining the inner circle at the Crazy Horse!”


The Crazy Experience

 Number of people:
16 maximum

The offer:
7pm: Exclusive reception
7:10pm-8pm: Private tour of the cabaret and the backstage presented by a dancer
Cocktail in the Bernardin’s private room
with 2 champagne glasses and an assortment of petits fours .
8:15pm: Show in VIP seating and 1⁄2 bottle of “La Cuvée Crazy” champagne

220 euros per person:

In English: on demand 
In French:
every Friday except from 7/16 to 08/09

Book your tickets online, by e-mail or by phone at +33 (0)1  47 23 32 32
At the box office: 12 avenue George V


Photos : Riccardo Tinelli & Crazy Horse Paris