Cultivate your crazy attitude at the Crazy Shop!

At the Crazy Horse Paris shop, you’ll find a whole glamorous universe on offer, from a souvenir of an unforgettable evening to the kit of the perfect Crazy Girl to the refined and exclusive “Parisian Glamour” product range. Adopt the “Crazy attitude” now!

Live your Crazy Girl dreams! 

The dancers of Crazy Horse Paris display an enhanced and self-assured femininity, in which glamour is – even more than a state of mind – a true guiding principle informing every movement and every minute of their daily life.

Grace and elegance, sensuality and audacity – the signature of the Crazy Girl – are highlighted by the shop’s bestsellers.



So why not join them? Put on your high heels and proudly display the codes of the dancers of Crazy Horse Paris to reveal your femininity:

-Drape yourself in the red or black peignoir of the dancers and allow yourself to be caressed by the delicacy of the fabric for a deceptively casual yet glamorous attitude.

-Wear the iconic Crazy Girls cut with a wig and work your impish look beneath your bangs, custom-cut by Raphael, the legendary wigmaker of the Crazy Horse Paris, in his Paris salon.

-Enhance your curves by dressing them in fine lingerie: choose between the that created by Isabelle Collomb, former dancer of the Crazy, and the Aubade “My Crazy Collection” adornment kits, or slip your legs into the seamed stockings designed by Chantal Thomass… and let the magic begin.

And voilà! You’re suddenly an ambassador of the Crazy Horse Paris in your own home, on your private stage, in proud possession of your glamorous attitude!


Crazy Horse Paris souvenirs: to mark an unforgettable evening

The magic and glamour of the show are indelibly printed in your heart and mind, but there’s nothing like an object for sharing or rekindling them.

You will be able to declare your love of the Crazy Horse Paris by proudly wearing a t-shirt with the colors of the cabaret or by decorating your home with our delicious vintage posters.

And to make your celebrations even bubblier, why not give them that Crazy touch with the “Cuvée Crazy” champagne and its two sipping cups?

The “Parisian Glamor” range: an iconic graphic world puts you at the cutting edge of fashion

The visual of the “Parisian Glamor” range evokes the Crazy Horse Paris dancer in a refined and recognizable way: black wig and carmine mouth.

Launched to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Crazy Horse Paris, this exclusive collection is the favorite of trendsetters and fashionistas.

Show your love of glamour and Crazy Horse Paris by proudly sporting our organic cotton tote bag, covering your cell phone with a super chic cover, taking notes or savoring your tea. Guaranteed wow effect!




Photos: Mark Davies & Riccardo Tinelli