Crazy Cuvée, the Crazy Horse's own champagne

à ne pas manquer
Cabaret Crazy Horse Paris By Victor Point

Selected by the Crazy Horse on recommendation from Pressoirs de France, this vintage is made from a subtle blend of three varieties.

The Crazy Cuvée comes from the Champagne region : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

To those who have the privilege of tasting it, the Crazy Cuvée offers an infinitely delicious moment of pleasure.

Like a high-quality stocking…

« Peppered with humour» according to McConnico

The famous American designer Hilton McConnico, who created the design for the Crazy Cuvée bottle, explains: « It’s a large mouth, surrealist, intriguing, mysterious, delicious and peppered with humour. It’s very clear. The mouth is ready to taste the sparkling song of the champagne bubbles ».

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