In a nebulous spaceship, a celestial apparition.

The outline of a back emerges, barely covered voluptuous curves radiate into the cosmos.

Her eyes intense, her demeanor galactic.

Sensuality invades Earth, but wait… are you seeing double ?!?

Set off on a dream voyage to the farthest reaches of the galaxy…

Danseuse Venus Oceane Crazy Horse By Riccardo Tinelli


Historic number

Historic number Created by choreographer Philippe Decouflé, “Sputnik” was inspired by a key number from the historic repertoire of famous Parisian cabaret called “Vénus”, which the Crazy Horse wanted to revive on the legendary stage at 12 avenue George V.

At the launch of the show “Désirs” in 2009, an initial creation entitled “Lithion” was offered in the program, before the scene was completely overhauled in 2012 and became this act performed on the stage today.

“Sputnik” pays tribute to the first spacecraft placed in orbit around the earth by the former USSR, which marked the beginning of the space age in 1957.

If the context of the original number was the landing on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s first steps in 1969, the conquest of space is a topic that remains fabled, just like the Crazy Horse and the stars that have appeared on its legendary stage.

Galatic music

The famous composer of electronic music Mirwais, producer of several albums of Madonna’s, created the original soundtrack for this dreamlike scene, with the collaboration of dancer Fiamma Rosa.

In her sensual voice, the Crazy Girl from Siberia reads out a Russian love poem that she herself recorded in a Paris studio. A dreamlike feeling will envelope your senses on hearing this poignant beauty’s words.

Interstellar journey

Mirwais’s music perfectly illustrated this interstellar journey through the universe in a “Crazy” way, and allowed Philippe Decouflé to imagine the choreography in its current version, complete with scenery created by Luca Antonucci and lighting effects created by Begoña Garcia Navas.

The costumes for “Sputnik” were created by the Crazy Horse Costumes workshop and inspired by the designs of the Franco-Japanese artist Antoine Kruk. The surprising shoes were custom designed by Christian Louboutin.

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