Take the world’s most beautiful legs, add music, combine with breathtaking lighting and you have the perfect ingredients for a bold and charismatic act that will keep haunting you long after you’ve left.

Scene Legmania Crazy Horse Paris By Riccardo Tinelli


Legs, legs, and even more legs

Originally entitled “Legs”, the scene Legmania features seemingly endless footwork in choreographed and breathtaking ballet in the purest Crazy Horse style.

Tradition and modernity are on this number’s program, recreated for the “Désirs” show, which opened in September 2009 and has been continuously renewed ever since, with the addition of new creations such as Glamazones“ and “La Dompteuse“.

The DNA oh the Crazy Horse

“Legmania” perfectly synthesizes the Crazy Horse and everything in its DNA in a regimented choreography, perfectly executed by the dancers of the legendary Crazy Horse cast, under the exacting eye of Stage and Production Director Svetlana Kostantinova.

Gorgeous lighting effects and projections highlight these beauties below in high heels set to a background of heady music and that essential touch of humor, so dear to the legendary Parisian cabaret!

A highly talented team

Coming from the iconic repertoire of Parisian cabaret, this number was created by its founder, the avant-garde artist Alain Bernardin, and choreographed by the American Molly Molloy.

A former dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, teacher of the ballet corps of the ’Opéra de Paris and the Oslo Dance Ensemble, besides a long collaboration with Crazy Horse, Molly Molloy has also worked with famous directors such as Ridley Scott and Roman Polanski.

The Legmania music was composed by Franck Woodbridge and Mark Di Domenico.

The lighting effects and projections of this superb scene, created by Marie-Jeanne Gauthé and the Crazy Horse stage management team, are among the most memorable of the show “Désirs”!

The women's shoe : an object of worship

Since 2012, when he was the first Guest Creator of the Crazy Horse with the show “Feu”, the insane shoes that adorn this gorgeous forest of legs have been created by Christian Louboutin.

“Many people only see the shoe as an accessory for walking. However, there are shoes for running, others for swimming, etc. And there are also shoes for sex. If there is a fetish item in the wardrobe, it’s the woman’s shoe, even without heels. It has the allure of a totem. It’s an object of worship that demands a ritual. I had planned shoe-sculptures, created less to be worn than to exalt what is even more beautiful: the arch and the instep”, says the famous designer with the red sole.

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