Experience a “Totally Crazy” summer!

The thermometer is going crazy, the temperature is climbing… and the Crazy Horse Paris dancers won’t make it drop! Take advantage of the summer season, which is well-suited to celebrating, to discover the “Totally Crazy” show!

A festive show, a glamorous firework display, a show that sparkles like diamonds: “Totally Crazy” is perfect for your summer evenings.

Begin by discovering the burlesque duo of George Bangable & Lolly Wish, who will welcome you as soon as you arrive at the cabaret. He will charm you, she will seduce you, adeptly, with humor and in song.

Then the sparkling curtain will open, revealing the first act, “Crazy Horse Paris, France”: a daring and joyous opening number that sets the tone for the evening. The show, which unites the quintessence of artistic creation over several decades at the Crazy Horse Paris, is a genuine ode to the cabaret’s most emblematic acts. It invites the creators who have made their mark on the Crazy Horse Paris stage to a breathtaking comeback.

The ultra-glamorous “Reine des Cœurs” by Chantal Thomass, the spectacular “Voodoo” by Christian Louboutin, as well as Ali Mahdavi’s & Dita Von Teese’s legendary creation “Undress To Kill” will make your heart leap… and make you tingle with pleasure!

Why not prolong the magical effect of the “Totally Crazy” show with an unforgettable dinner? Take advantage of your evening in Paris to discover the capital city’s wonders by dining on the Seine river or on a double-decker bus.

Come see us soon for a totally glamorous, “Totally Crazy” experience!



 Photos : Riccardo Tinelli & François Goizé