Glamazones, staged with a playful and sensual choreography on Crazy Horse's stage


The Crazy Horse, a house of design since 1951

The Crazy Horse – popularly known as “Le Crazy” – was founded in Paris in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist and insatiable admirer of women.

The idea that drove him like an obsession was to build his cabaret around women and design. He gradually developed a genuinely distinctive artistic form featuring dancers with perfect curvaceous bodies – clad mainly in projections – and the latest musical and fashion influences.

This idea of making design a guiding theme was pursued in 2006 by the General Manager Andrée Deissenberg, who decided to invite extraordinary women to Le Crazy for exclusive, exceptional shows. « Guest Stars » to have appeared since then include Dita Von Teese, Arielle Dombasle Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Courau, Noémie Lenoir, etc.

Le Crazy’s hallmark also inspired a wide range of artists, who were attracted by the cabaret’s reputation and peerless prowess at exalting the female form. As a result, Philippe Decouflé put the Désirs show together with Ali Mahdavi, and, in 2012, Christian Louboutin became the cabaret’s 1st “Guest Creator” when he concocted the short-lived “Feu” show.

Personalities from the worlds of fashion, art and music

There have also been many other collaborations over the years with personalities from the worlds of fashion, art and music, including Roberto Cavalli, Azzedine Alaïa, Poupie Cadolle, Antoine Kruk, Bob Sinclar, Swizz Beatz, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Mirwais, Monarchy, Beyoncé (who recently used Le Crazy for the promo video for the single “Partition” from her album that came out in December 2013)…

Launched in September 2009, Désirs is a show that also undergoes constant renewal, as evidenced by the new “Glamazones” finale, which has been performed since September 2013 and is a completely original creation devised by Le Crazy’s artistic team under the direction of Philippe Decouflé. It represents the fruit of a remarkable few months of work involving costume design (Antoine Kruk), lighting design, choreography and music (Olie Le Baron and Pierre Bourgeois).

The aesthetics of the Parisian cabaret also inspired numerous photo-artists, such as David Lynch, Ellen von Unwerth and, more recently, the Italian photographer Riccardo Tinelli, who, after compiling a series on L’Hôtel Amour, will present “Fabuleux Crazy Horse : qui es-tu derrière ces lumières ?” “(Fabulous Crazy Horse: A look behind the lights” at Espace Purgatoire, 54 Paradis, from April 2 to 11, 2014. This is a unique photographic exhibition devoted to femininity and glamour and is the offspring of the artistic union between the photographer and Le Crazy.

Lastly, more than 60 years since its creation, Le Crazy continues to reinvent itself…

Forever Crazy, on stages all over the world

Eager to diversify, the company is spreading its wings at international level and exporting its unique brand and talent: since October 2010 it has been performing a show called Forever Crazy, on stages all over the world.

The cabaret also offers businesses or private individuals the opportunity to thrill guests by hosting custom-made shows in exceptional arenas a long way from the legendary Le Crazy stage. The chance to benefit from our savoir-faire has already seduced the international market, with our roster including Rungis (for its 40th anniversary), Mercedes Smart (for the inauguration of the Como 95 concession), Miu Miu (for a show in Macau), a wedding reception in Château de Farcheville, a VIP Hennessy customers’ gala, the inauguration of Christian Louboutin boutiques in Moscow, Brioni boutiques in Saint Petersburg, etc.

Finally, Le Crazy is delighted to offer you the chance to hire out the famous cabaret venue for a private function for which we can provide a team of professionals who will use all of their skills and experience to create a unique and glamorous event for you.

Key figures

The clientele

60% French

40% foreigners (Europe, USA & Russia, etc.)

50% female; 50% male

Aged between 35 & 55


Every year out troupe uses 2,500 pairs of tights, 500 liters of body paint, 300 rolls of  “Rouge Crazy” lipstick.

In 63 years, more than 800 dancers have performed on the stage of Le Crazy and more than 500 applications are received by the cabaret every year.

Recent image tie-ups

“Crazy Horse by Sephora” (range of 7 products for the 2009 Christmas range)

“My Crazy Collection by Aubade” (Christmas 2013)