Crazy Horse Paris x Domaine de la Périnade : an ultra-glamorous limited-edition rosé!

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Legendary Crazy Horse Paris is showcasing their sweeter side this summer with a collaboration that turns up the heat on a refreshing cool drink! To add a touch of dazzle and pizzazz to hot summer days and nights, Paris’ most renowned cabaret, Crazy Horse Paris, and the exclusive Domaine de la Périnade winery have teamed up to create a unique rosé collection

The limited-edition will be available exclusively from May 1 to September 30, 2023 and can be purchased one bottle at a time or the entire colorful “cast” of six all at once, at Crazy Horse Paris’ boutique. It can also be enjoyed during the show, where the wine will titillate the guests’  tastebuds and awaken their senses as they plunge into the stunning universe of the show Totally Crazy!.

An exceptional vintage demands an exceptional bottle! The Crazy Horse Paris x La Périnade bottles come in six bright and zesty colors, featuring the iconic wigs worn by the dancers, which the cabaret has been famous for over 70 years.

The 2022 vintage rosé is 100% Grenache Noir. Thanks to the sandy soil of the Domaine de Perinade, the wine has a complex yet elegant character. Its tint is pale, clear and crystalline with hints of blue, and channels the aromas of white peach, pomegranate, and citrus with hints of licorice and pepper.  Crisp yet velvety, the finish is smooth and fruity.

“This collaboration with the Domaine de La Périnade is a true love story. Here at Crazy Horse Paris, we love to discover new talent… you might say we have a nose for beautiful and extraordinary stories!” explains Andrée Deissenberg, Chief Creative and Brand Officer at Crazy Horse Paris.  

“We are proud of our Crazy Horse Paris x La Périnade vintage: it’s the labor of love, that started as a dream.  With Crazy Horse Paris, we share a passion for quality, an attention to detail and of course, a touch of Crazy’ness!

The adventure began by selecting specific vines within our Grenache Noir vineyards, that were chosen based on the quality of the soil and the grapes.

We harvested at peak ripeness and followed an extremely demanding blending process under the supervision of our oenologist, and with the participation of several sommeliers that are friends of the Domaine. As a result, we created a beautiful vintage that best represents what we at the Domaine de la Périnade live to create.” adds Stéphane Arnal, owner of the Domaine de la Périnade.

Crazy Collection

To indulge in the pleasure of the senses, the rosé from the collaboration between these two ambassadors of the French “art the vivre” will be on available as part of the special “Crazy Collection” offer, that includes tickets to the show and a bottle of rosé for two.

A range of Crazy merchandise featuring the wigs’ design and bright colors will be on sale at the cabaret’s boutique.

Lastly, to celebrate the launch of the Crazy Horse Paris x Domaine de la Périnade limited-edition rosé, an Instagram filter will give everyone a chance to try on the iconic wigs, for a Totally Crazy look, making it the first cabaret in the world to have an Instagram filter.

Practical informations :

75cl bottle : €25, can be purchased at Crazy Horse Paris’ boutique.

The “Crazy Collectionoffer, including tickets to the show “Totally Crazy” and a bottle of rosé: €135 per person.

Domaine de La Périnade

The Domaine de la Périnade was founded in 1830s.  Located next to Carcassonne between the Canal du Midi and the Fresquel river, the 50-hectare domain covers 17 hectares of vineyards.  Currently owned and operated by the 6th generation of the Arnal family, the focus on the Domaine de la Périnade has shifted to two key values: quality and the environment.

Quality: Almost everything has changed, from harvest size and method to the creation of a private cellar and arrival of a talented oenologist, Mr. Claude Serra.  Only 20-30,000 bottles are produced a year. They are the result of a rigorous and uncompromising selection process from the vine through to the blending process.

Environment: The domain was transitioned to High Environmental Value (Haute Valeur Environnementale, HVE) standards to ensure that operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.  The Domain has been officially HVE certified since 2021.
With these innovations, the Domaine produces exceptional vintages that showcase its unique terroir. A number of loyal prestigious clients have become the Domaine’s best ambassadors, from Crazy Horse Paris to Pouliche, the Café de Luce by Amandine Chaignot, Akrame Benallal and the famous Maison Lucas Carton.

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