Brian Scott Bagley: “What a joy to be a “Crazy Entertainer!””

Before the show “Totally Crazy”, Crazy Horse Paris invites you to enjoy your first moments at the cabaret in the most delicious way. Exciting and scintillating masters of ceremonies and burlesque artists – our “Crazy Entertainers”– offer you a true welcome in song that’s as glamorous as it is surprising. With Lolly Wish and George Bangable, the radiant and ebullient Brian Scott Bagley shares his irresistible joie de vivre to the audience. An interview with a “Crazy Entertainer”, a natural born showman

How was your passion for the world of the stage, music hall and burlesque born?

It all started when I was just a kid: I loved black and white photos and I spent my time collecting them. One day, I came across a picture of Josephine Baker and it was love at first sight. I said to myself, Wow, what a woman! In fact, I think she’s the perfect woman: one who has power, who dances and who sings: she’s one of the great figures of the music hall. She was the first to develop a complete universe around herself so that people would be inspired for ages to come Diana Ross, Beyoncé and Madonna are her worthy heirs.

You present yourself as the “imaginary love child” of Liza Minelli and Sammy Davis  Jr., adopted by Josephine Baker. In what way?

Josephine Baker became my guardian angel: wherever I went, and whatever I did, I would find her again. And furthermore, it’s no coincidence that my first job for a French production was for the review “Looking for Josephine”, produced by Jérôme Savary. That show, for which I was hired as a choreographer, toured throughout France for five years. And then I moved to Paris, with Josephine in my heart.

As for Sammy Davis Jr., for me he is the ultimate showman. He could do everything: sing, dance, acting and more, he was the whole package! He is a constant source of inspiration for me, and probably for many other artists.

Tell us about your first visit at Crazy Horse Paris…

I worked with Ali Mahdavi and Dita Von Teese a few years ago, and we became friends. It’s thanks to them that I came to Crazy Horse Paris for the first time – an experience I remember very well!

It was as if I had walked into a beautiful, sensual dream come true that I imagined all French and tourists have when they awaken to the reality of the beauty and wonder of Crazy Horse Paris. I can only describe it as a Heaven on earth, in the form of a Parisian Cabaret. I wore a bowler hat on that first visit and one of the young women at the reception desk remembered seeing me in a show.  And then this July 2017 when I came to sign my contract for the Crazy Horse, the same women at the reception desk remembered me once more and asked to take a picture with me. I felt like a star, and then I thought, “WOW, of course I am at Crazy Horse Paris”. It did truly feel like coming home. I have to admit that ever since that first visit I had dreamed of being part of the show… one way or another!

That dream became a reality this summer when I was cast to be one of the “Crazy Entertainers” of the “Totally Crazy” show. I was hooked, and since then, I share, with George Bangable & Lolly Wish, the privilege of being able to entertain, delight in and “warm up” the audience before the show.

What drives you and transports you on stage?

Love of course! Ever since I’ve been at Crazy Horse Paris, I feel like I’m living a dream. I keep saying to myself, “Brian, wake up”… and then of course I convince myself to keep sleeping and enjoy.

My wish is to create and share a message of love. I want to communicate my joie de vivre so that everyone feels the same happiness I do of being in a legendary place like Crazy Horse Paris! My show is a unique moment, where the audience interacts. I approach the spectators and I talk to them :  it’s a beautiful space of freedom and joy. All, of course, staying within the codes of glamour and elegance that characterize Crazy Horse Paris.


You can see Brian Scott Bagley and his accomplices George Bangable and Lolly Wish in the show “Totally Crazy” as soon as you arrive in the room of the legendary cabaret, about 30 minutes before each performance.

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Photo: Mark Davies