Arielle Dombasle, muse to the greatest directors


Arielle Dombasle sings and enchants the Crazy Horse

A muse to the greatest directors and, since the unforgettable album “Amor Amor”, a singer known both in France and abroad, Arielle Dombasle is the incarnation of elegance and glamour.

Arielle is a free-spirited, surprising woman, who plays with conventions with grace and enthusiasm.

So it is only natural that the Crazy Horse, which has always celebrated women, would want to host Arielle Dombasle, a rare diamond, in a setting of beauty and sensuality.

Arielle Dombasle will appear alone or accompanied by the Crazy Horse dancers, in scenes specially designed by Vincent Darré and Ali Mahdavi.

Series of “happenings”

In the purest tradition of this showcase of Parisian nightlife, this high temple of light and elegance, in a spirit of modernity and renewal, the Crazy Horse is continuing its series of “happenings”, inaugurated by Dita von Teese last October.

On the programme for this St Valentines week: Love, Glamour, Humour !