A mythical venue

the sanctuary of Glamour

Descend the wide, red steps of the legendary Crazy Horse Paris into the very sanctuary of Glamour. Take a seat in the velvety, plush armchairs and discover the unique charm of this must-see “House of Creation”.

You will be immersed into a fascinating universe, as twelve gorgeous dancers with catchy names are revealed to you.

Agile, nimble and whimsical, elegant, skillful and sassy, each dancer offers her own personal interpretation of femininity in all its glory. From the top of a head to the tip of a toe, the dazzle of shapes will entrance, waving hair enthrall, and beguiling eyes bewitch you.

Hesitate no longer: enter into the legend, into the refined world of Parisian cabaret

Crazy Horse Paris is located 12 avenue George V, two steps away from the Eiffel Tower, at the heart of Paris’ Golden Triangle. The muchtalked-about Golden Triangle is the most luxurious place on the river Seine’s right bank made up of the Champs-Elysées, Montaigne and George V avenues, displaying the most prestigious international labels and enjoying a dazzling reputation.

Discover a legendary and cosy venue, a favourite among international artists and celebrities. Like them, go crazy about “Le Crazy”!

Plongez dans l'univers du mythique cabaret, le Crazy Horse Paris

An artistic signature

The original Crazy Horse cabaret – also commonly referred to as Le Crazy – was founded in 1951 in Paris by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist, passionate admirer of women and the female form.

Fascinated by American show girls and the United States in general, he was driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his cabaret.

Over the years, Bernardin developed a unique and highly recognizable artistic signature.

Each of his acts was conceived as a tableau with its own storyline, combining classically trained dancers with perfect, arched bodies dressed primarily in lights, with original choreography, sets, projections, and the latest musical and fashion trends.

This artistic signature was rapidly appraised among artists, attracted by the cabaret’s reputation and peerless prowess at exalting the female form, as well as the general public – pleasing women and men alike.

The fundamental codes of the house were jealously retained after the death of its creator, leaving Crazy Horse Paris with the legacy of being a temple of Parisian nightlife, with a strong and distinctive image.

A Crazy Horse vintage poster

Since 2006, under the artistic direction of Andrée Deissenberg, art and fashion have become the heart of the show once again: renowned designers put their talents at the service of the Crazy tradition, and the Parisian cabaret regularly welcomes prominent artists onto its stage. Creativity and imagination intersect and combine to help, more than 60 years on, the Crazy dream to live on…

Source of inspiration

Crazy Horse Paris‘ hallmark always inspired a wide range of artists.

Le Crazy’s rich artistic legacy is recognized and celebrated among creators and designers from the
worlds of fashion, art and music, with many of whom Le Crazy has collaborated over the years on numerous shows and creative projects.

Among them, to name but a few: Roberto Cavalli, Azzedine Alaïa, Poupie Cadolle, Antoine Kruk, Bob Sinclar, Swizz Beatz

But also: Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Mirwais, Monarchy, Blanca Li, Pierre & Gilles, Philippe Katerine, Jean Paul Gaultier, Beyoncé (who used Le Crazy for the promo video for the single “Partition” from her album that came out in December 2013).

In 2006 Crazy Horse Paris decides to invite extraordinary women for exclusive, exceptional shows.

Guest Stars to have appeared since then include Dita Von Teese, Arielle Dombasle, Pamela Anderson, Clotilde Courau, Noémie Lenoir  and a different kind of woman, Conchita Wurst.

Dita Von Teese at Crazy Horse Paris

The temple of femininity

In 2009, the famous French choreographer Philippe Decouflé put the Désirs show together with renowned photographer and artistic director Ali Mahdavi, a high name in fashion. The celebrated red-soled shoe designer Christian Louboutin
becomes the cabaret’s 1st “Guest Creator” when he concocted the Feu show, who set Crazy Horse Paris “on fire” for three months in 2012.

The aesthetics of the Parisian cabaret also inspired numerous photo-artists, such as the American film-maker David Lynch, who photographed a Crazy Horse Paris’ dancer and turned it into the official poster for the 61st Cannes Film Festival, and German photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

The Italian photographer Riccardo Tinelli presents “Fabuleux Crazy Horse : qui es-tu derrière ces lumières ?” (“Fabulous Crazy Horse: A look behind the lights”) at Espace Purgatoire-54 Paradis in Paris, from April 2 to 11, 2014. A unique photographic exhibition devoted to femininity and glamour, the offspring of the artistic union between the photographer and Crazy Horse Paris.

After more than sixty years since its inception, Crazy Horse Paris continues to reinvent itself and the inexhaustible subject of women and femininity.

Fabuleux Crazy Horse, exposition photographique de Riccardo Tinelli

a legendary and cosy venue

Crazy Horse Paris, whose name is a tribute to the American Sioux chief Crazy Horse, was originally a Right Bank wine cellar. Customers came for a drink and to admire Rita Renoir, Poupée la Rose, Bertha Von Paraboum, Lova Moor or Rosa Fumetto.

Seated at little tables or standing at the bar, the atmosphere at 12, avenue George V was incomparable.

Refurbished in 2007,  this legendary venue is still red, lined with velvet, with lacquered wood and mirrors, and has been designed to be modular.

The aim is to recreate a place where every element of the show and the theatre could be changed, like opening and closing the drawers of a jewellery box. In this way, Le Crazy will always be able to attract new ideas and keep on reinventing itself.

Before the renovation work started in July 2007, the Parisian cabaret decided to take advantage of Crazy Horse Paris’ myth by selling off its old chairs and banquettes.

Designed in 1989 by Alain Bernardin himself, the chairs were inspired by the 1930s aesthetics and covered in deep red velvet, “Le Crazy Red”.

The Crazy Horse Paris theater room, a mythical venue

“By buying one of these chairs, you are buying a little piece of the legend!” said Crazy horse Paris, as of course these chairs have supported celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, Marlene Dietrich, Orson Wells, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Sting, Madonna and more recently Rihanna, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Kevin Costner, Scarlett Johansson and Will Smith.


  • Poupie Cadolle a crée les corsets de « Red Shoes ».

  • Celebrity shoe creator Christian Louboutin designed the red-soled shoes for many acts including “Teasing”, “Rougir de Désirs” and “Upside Down”.

  • Two Crazy Girls modelled for David Lynch’s “Fetish” photo series

  • More than 30 dancers currently work with Crazy Horse Paris.

  • 300 “Crazy Red” lipsticks are used each year by Crazy Horse Paris’ dancers.

  • Christian Louboutin a dessiné les souliers d’une majorité de tableaux dont « Teasing », « Rougir de Désir » et « Upside Down ».

  • Inauguré le 21 septembre 2009, le show “Désirs” est signé Philippe Decouflé et Ali Mahdavi.

  • Deux danseuses du Crazy Horse ont été les modèles pour David Lynch pour son projet « Fetish », en collaboration avec Christian Louboutin.

  • Fifi Chachnil signe la tenue de la PDGère dans « Crisis ! What Crisis ? »

  • All dancers are classically trained. It takes three to five month of hard work to transform a classical dancer into a Crazy Girl.

  • The cabaret is considered a national monument in France. It is a cultural phenomenon and part of the national heritage.

  • La voix féminine sur la bande son du numéro “Spoutnik” appartient à la danseuse Fiamma Rosa.

  • At least six pairs of shoes are tailor made for each dancer.

  • Crazy Horse Paris was founded by Alain Bernardin in 1951 and has been an illustrious cabaret ever since.

  • Internationally acclaimed corsetiere Poupie Cadolle, whose grandmother invented the bra, designed the corsets for « Red Shoes ».

  • La 1ère Guest Star dans l’histoire du Crazy Horse est Dita Von Teese en octobre 2006.

  • Chaque danseuse est baptisée d’un nom de scène lors de son entrée au Crazy Horse.

  • Hilton McConnico a crée la première affiche du spectacle “Désirs” en 2009.

  • Le nom du cabaret parisien est en hommage au chef Sioux Crazy Horse.

  • Chaque année, les danseuses du Crazy Horse utilisent 250 paires de bas, 500 litres de maquillage et 300 tubes de rouge « Crazy ».