Viktoria Modesta: our Guest Star is the future in person!

More daring and surprising than ever, Crazy Horse Paris presents a series of 29 exclusive performances with a new and resolutely futuristic Guest Star. Viktoria Modesta is a strikingly different incarnation of the woman of tomorrow, free and enriched by technology.

A bionic star is born

Bionic and iconic, Viktoria Modesta, despite her youth, is already the heroine of a modern fairytale. Following a childhood spent in Latvia, Viktoria left her country at the age of 12 to live in London and was modelling when still only 15. But she was battling some very serious health issues that meant undergoing several surgeries on her left leg.  

At 20, she made a radical decision: to request an amputation below the knee, to increase her mobility and protect her future health. So it was with a very different body that Viktoria Modesta began to sculpt her new identity, inspired by her passion for alternative fashion, art and underground subculture.

A futuristic and glamorous world, far from the stereotype

Far from restricting Viktoria’s postmodern vision of the artist in the 21st century, her transformation became a strength and an asset. Her difference is an incentive as much as an essential component of her work as an artist. This young woman has become famous for a number of multidisciplinary collaborations mixing every aspect of performance, cutting edge bionics, high-tech fashion and new technology.

Imperious as the Snow Queen in the closing ceremony of the London Paralympics, Viktoria Modesta impressed the TV company, Channel 4, which produced her superb video “Prototype” – a massive YouTube hit with 11,738,000 views. Shaking up all the usual beauty tropes, she defines herself as a “bionic woman, who symbolises the freedom to choose one’s own identity”.

Viktoria will be appearing solo and with the Crazy Girls, the Crazy Horse Paris dancers, in a number of tableaux created around her futuristic world. Expect innovation, creativity, and originality in an exclusive and unique show.

“With Crazy Horse Paris, we will be pushing back the boundaries of femininity in the most innovative and surprising ways you can imagine. Hold tight!”

Viktoria Modesta

The amazing cybernetic and bionic world of Viktoria Modesta joins the most stylish cabaret in Paris for a series of exceptional performances. Crazy Horse Paris is happy and proud to welcome her onto its legendary stage from 3 to 16 June.

The future is here and it’s definitely Crazy.

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