Two new dancers at Crazy Horse Paris!

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Scène God Save Our Bareskin Crazy Horse By Ricardo Tinelli

After long weeks of training and rehearsals… Crazy Horse Paris is proud to welcome two new dancers into prestigious cast!

Cookie Cupcake

Olivia, originally from Australia, is now known as Cookie Cupcake. She loves all things camp but also sweets and candy, and always takes things in stride. With a strong yet gentle personality, Cookie calls herself a “neurodivergent” with a real desire to set Crazy Horse Paris’ stage alight.

Alma Lakota

Alora-Rose, an American originally from New York, is holistic in her approach to life and very attached to land and nature. Her stage name is Alma Lakota. Alma refers to the nourishing earth, but also to Alma Marceau, the Parisian neighborhood that is home to the cabaret. As for Lakota, it refers to the American Indian tribe to which the Chief Crazy Horse, who gave his name to the cabaret, belonged. Lakota also means “friend” in Navajo.

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