Crazy Horse Paris tours Australia for the first time

On August 2, The Crazy Horse Paris travelling troupe will fly to Australia, Singapore, and Macau for 14 weeks of performances of the show “Forever Crazy”. When French glamour meets its audience in the far-off Asia Pacific to offer it a creative experience…. There’s the promise of moments that will remain legendary forever.

Sensuality and creativity: “Forever Crazy” exports that certain French glamour

Presenting the quintessence of 65 years of Parisian glamour for the first time in Australia is the “Crazy” challenge Crazy Horse Paris has set itself when it comes to meet its audience for a series of exceptional shows across the country. The first challenge is one of scale: 14 dancers, a tour director, 5 stage managers, 1 dresser, 2 touring sets… this is a full troupe mobilized for the occasion.

It’s also very exciting to go to the Asia Pacific: the dancers of “Forever Crazy”, from Crazy Horse Paris, are being specifically trained before their departure by stage director Svetlana Kostantinova. And they’re really looking forward to honoring French glamour and proudly wearing the colors of Crazy Horse Paris!

“Forever Crazy,” the touring show, is a tribute to Alain Bernardin, founder of Crazy Horse Paris: a fireworks of iconic acts that exalt femininity, with a touch of impertinence that’s so French, so tipically “Crazy”. It is an ode to glamour that resonates at every moment of the show… high heels and fine curves, naughty swaying hips and vermilion mouths; the dancers of Crazy Horse Paris embody Parisian seduction at its best!

Dressed and undressed in light, they offer a true poetry for the eyes, since the scenography and games of lights know how to enhance them at every step, every wink, at every movement they make. From grace to purity, a sophistication tinged with humor and impertinence: “Forever Crazy” is both classic and modern to pay tribute to today’s woman – free and audacious in her frank femininity.

A unique show, specially created for the tour

It is indeed a truly unique artistic experience that “Forever Crazy” offers as part of this tour, one that allows the Australian public to experience a true Parisian evening at a distance of over 13,000km! The size of the theatres, between 1,000 and 1,500 seats, allowed the artistic direction of Crazy Horse Paris to give free rein to its creativity.

On each side of the stage, two LED screens are installed to project a video capture made in the studio last spring before and during the show. The Crazy Girls on stage will have never been so enhanced in every way, with unprecedented viewing angles as well as a colorful, sensual and joyful dive behind the scenes at Crazy Horse Paris.

The magnetic panther of “Chain Gang” will try to escape from the screen, the working girl of “Crisis? What Crisis!” will throw both the Dow Jones and the audience into a panic with their her magnificently arched back, while “Upside Down”, a veritable jewel of cleverly orchestrated mirror games, will play cat and mouse with the audience.

This video capture offers a new perspective and an almost magical dimension to the show, while glamour and seduction are as always the golden threads woven into the performance.


The “Forever Crazy” tour in Australia, Singapore and Macau

The show “Forever Crazy” will be presented in the 4 biggest cities in Australia:

  • Melbourne, The Palms at Crown, from August 8 to 20
  • Perth, Crown Theatre, from September 6 to 17
  • Sydney, State Theatre, from September 27 to October 1str
  • Canberra, The Canberra Theatre, from October 4 to 7


As well as in Singapore and Macao.


For more information and bookings, please visit the Tour page




Are you staying or will you be in Paris at that time? “Totally Crazy” is performed on stage every night, as usual, because yes, the troupe of Crazy Horse Paris has about forty dancers in all, to light the night both in France and abroad!