Dancers of Crazy Horse Paris and surfers: discover our stars of the waves!

The troupe of “Forever Crazy” is currently touring Australia and Asia. Between two shows, three Crazy Girls are giving free rein to their second passion: surfing…

Waves, pleasure and discipline

More than a hobby, surfing is a true passion for some of the troupe’s dancers and in particular the volcanic Zitta Zurbaghan, Margaux La Chapelle and Bamby Splish Splash.

These three young women, at home in their skin and in their time, unveil their sublime bodies and their radiant femininity on stage, performing the legendary acts of the “Forever Crazy” show.  During the day, it is with a pleasure renewed each time that they rush into the ocean in search of the perfect wave, the one that will make them thrill with excitement.

Surfing is not improvised: this invigorating sport demands discipline, skill, and top physical fitness. But this is no worries for our naiads, who, like all the dancers of the troupe, rehearse for the show every day. This only means that they bring an extra grace and femininity in their practice of boardsports.

Meet our surfer dancers!

A California blonde with a luscious mouth, Margaux La Chapelle is a true enthusiast, always looking for a new challenge or a new adventure. Her greatest passion? Crazy Horse Paris, of course!

How is surfing an integral part of your Crazy Girl life?
I discovered this sport seven years ago and it changed my life. Ever since I’ve been part of the troupe, I’ve actually been able to practice it. In fact, I’ve had the good luck to go on tour with the show “Forever Crazy” and to be able to surf at the same time in so many different countries and incredible spots!

What are the sensations you are looking for in your surfing?
First of all, I love everything about surfing: the philosophy of life, the rhythm of life, discovering such exquisite spots, being in the water, not thinking about anything…Just riding, clearing my head.

I love the adventure that it brings; the challenge and the energy.

When I leave a session of surfing I feel emptied of any bad energy, calmed, invigorated, motivated for the rest of the day. I like this feeling of well-being, I feel good in my body and in my mind because I feel proud of myself.
Proud of getting myself back into the water, even very early in the morning, when it’s cold outside and inside, sometimes in the rain, after a long walk to get to the spot, before a rehearsal or a show.
Proud to have challenged myself and not to have been afraid despite that apprehension I always feel.

Zitta Zurbaghan is a talented artist (she is also a trapeze artist!) and a young woman with a stunning smile and a mane lightened by the sun and spray that goes down to her perfect waist. Cat-like on the stage of the Crazy Horse Paris in a solo like “Chain Gang“, she is equally at ease among the waves.

What is your happiest surfing memory?
My happiest memory is still the day we set out for a surfing adventure on the island of Taiwan. A beautiful black sand beach with some pretty stormy weather: that was a magical atmosphere!

We met a surf photographer on the beach, he came pretty regularly to take some fantastic pictures of us.

The last day before we left, he insisted on having us over for tea and to introduce us to his family. It was magical to be able to experience that moment with a local family.

What is your favorite spot?
Australia is by far one of the best spots for surfing. The landscape is crazy!

We are currently there during the winter period, which means that the water is cold but the atmosphere is sublime.

How is surfing an integral part of your Crazy Girl life?
Surfing is an integral part of my Crazy Girl life because there is this madness, this risk-taking that is totally “CRAZY”.


A veritable imp, Bamby Splish Splash lights up the stage with her sparkling glance and her brilliant smile. At the Crazy Horse Paris, the baby of the troupe not only found a vocation, but also friends for life.

Both a surfer and a Crazy Girl: is that possible?
Surfing has become an integral part of our Crazy Girls life… Thanks to our travels, it’s practically a daily activity. Surfing is a part of the rhythm of our touring life almost as much as the stage.  Surfing during the day and Crazy Horse Paris at night, it’s almost a double life, don’t you think?

What do you get out of it?
I’m constantly in search of well-being: Meditation and being in contact with nature are the main sources that give me balance.

Surfing allows me to have this privileged time to recharge my batteries. And then again, let’s not forget that it’s a demanding sport too! So twice the reason to get into it! Even for the daintiest among us!

Your happiest memory?
The first time I could get up and ride my first wave. The discovery of this sensation is still ingrained in my body. And the memory of seeing the bottom of the water from the top of my board at that moment. Unforgettable.



Come see Bamby, Zitta, Margaux and all the other talented Crazy Girls on stage in our “Totally Crazy” show in Paris and “Forever Crazy” on an international tour!


Photos : Zitta Zurbaghan, Bamby Splish-Splash, Margaux La Chapelle