The Crazy Girls wish you a happy 2018!


2017 went out in a blaze to make room for 2018. The Crazy Girls and the whole cabaret team wish you a magical year…

and more!


In 2018, here’s to achievement at all times.

Achievement is about finding success in all your projects, both professional and personal. Striding forward with confidence, looking straight at the horizon ahead a smile, laughing and playing with opposing forces, this is how the Crazy Girls approach the world. From the top of their Louboutin pumps and crowned by their radiant femininity, they send you their best wishes for this year!


2018 kicks off with a gem

This year will be glamorous, that’s for sure! And to top you off with vitality, gaiety and fun, the Crazy Girls have brought out the good stuff to send you their best wishes for 2018 in a cocktail brimming with energy and sensuality, to consume without moderation below.

For 2018, get it all right away

Time is a shooting star that can never be caught, so why put off for tomorrow the pleasure awaiting you today? Treat yourself to an exceptional evening at the cabaret, with that special someone or with friends, and let yourself be transported by a “Totally Crazy” show: sparkling, daring, and unique… just like you.

Happy Crazy New Year!

The Crazy Girls wish you all the best for 2018!

Photos: Mark Davies