Come spend a « so glamorous » holiday season at the Crazy Horse Paris !


Come spend a « so glamorous » holiday season at the Crazy

The Crazy Horse, legendary Parisian cabaret, will be opening its doors in December for an unforgettable, even “Crazy”-er than usual, evening.

What better way to spend New Year’s Eve, than with the glamorous Crazy Girls ?

From December 1st, 2015 to the 2nd of January, 2016*.

Discover our “Black Crazy” offer (Champagne & Caviar) : 175€ per person.

New Year’s Eve special

3 shows on Thursday, 31st of December, 2015 : 7:45 p.m., 10:15 p.m. & 1a.m. s

Starting at 170€ per person.

Make sure to book early, there are only 250 seats at the Crazy Horse !


A show constantly renewed

In the spectacular Désirs show, directed by Philippe Découflé and under the artistic direction of Ali Mahdavi, the Crazy Horse, most glamorous of all Parisian cabarets and located in the heart of the golden triangle in Paris, will reveal its unique charms to you. The show, launched in 2009 on the acclaimed Crazy Horse stage, is constantly evolving and renewing itself.

« La Dompteuse » and the Finale « Glamazones » are the latest performances added to the best known acts of the historic Crazy Horse repertoire. The famous opening act, a splendidly synchronized military march, “God Save Our Bareskin”, or again numbers that became instant classics, such as “Upside Down” or “Rougir de Désir”, just to name a few, will enchant and mesmerize you, in this brilliantly aesthetic show.

Referred to as an « ode to femininity » and a « visual delight » by the international press, the Crazy Horse, acclaimed and world-renowned cabaret, keeps renewing and reinventing itself, in order to be able to offer the most glamorous of all shows to its audience. So very Crazy !

Crazy Horse and light play

The ‘crème de la crème’ of seduction, the Crazy Girls, each with a catchy and dreamy name, colorful lights dancing about their barely clothed and splendid bodies, showing off their gracefully arched basks, the bewitching sway of their hips, carry you away into a chic and sensual realm, in an exclusive, absolutely spellbinding, 90-minute performance. A pure delight !

For the 2015 holiday season festivities, you too can let yourself be tempted by this venerable venue, where artists and creators the world over have performed, and, whether on a date or out with friends, become « crazy about the Crazy ».

Information & booking: – 01 47 23 32 32

*Except on 31/12. Usual rates also apply.