Crazy Horse Paris reveals "Bionic Show Girl"!


The “Bionic Showgirl” show, on stage at Crazy Horse Paris from June 3 to 16, brings to light an extraordinary artist with a resolutely futuristic femininity: Viktoria Modesta.

This exceptional guest star could only have a show of her dimension: daring, immersive and innovative.

We lift the veil on what is awaiting you in this exclusive show that will go down in history.

Three unique scenes created around the futuristic universe of Viktoria Modesta

At the heart of the show, three scenes are built around the strong personality, the aesthetic world and the extraordinary charisma of Viktoria Modesta. As a proud queen and the masterful interpreter of these amazing and spectacular moments, the artist is accompanied by her “Girl Squad” of Crazy Girls to “push the limits of femininity in the most innovative and surprising way.”

Interpreting the woman of the future she resolutely embodies, Viktoria Modesta will present in particular a number inspired by “Prototype”, the viral clip with 12 million views that has propelled her to the spotlight with her famous and amazing prosthetic spike leg made of polished metal.

Crazy Horse Paris leaps into the future with its new guest muse

The honor of welcoming iconic designers and guest stars, with very marked and personal universes, and creating shows with them that combine their universe and the expertise of Crazy Horse Paris has been part of the DNA of the cabaret for more than ten years, following its acquisition by the Belgian businessman Philippe Lhomme and under the artistic direction of Andrée Deissenberg.

This ensures that the dazzling shows are developed in perfect symbiosis, in a relentless search of emotion and beauty. After Dita Von Teese, Conchita Wurst, Christian Louboutin, Philippe Decouflé, Chantal Thomass and Arielle Dombasle, this new and exciting project is another collaboration to add to the list, augmenting the creativity of the now legendary signature of the cabaret.

For the first time and exclusively on the Crazy Horse Paris stage, Viktoria Modesta will embody the “Bionic Showgirl”, an extraordinary muse and performer, in creations combining technology and art to sublimate Woman in all her splendor and power.

Viktoria Modesta, as the Bionic Showgirl at Crazy Horse Paris from Crazy Horse Paris on Vimeo.

A cosmopolitan and avant-garde team for this show-event

An international team of young innovative designers is behind the various elements of the show’s spectacular scenes, based on choreographies created by the talented Stephane Jarny, with the participation of Lara Laquiz, to original music by Madeaux, a popular young American producer.

As for the styling, the show offers an immersion in a completely unique retro-futuristic and ultra-glamorous universe, featuring couture pieces, surprising masks, and artistic and bionic prostheses.

You will be amazed by the architectural costumes from the Bulgarian Jivomir Domoustchiev, the metal couture pieces from the Spaniard Manuel Albarran and the cosmic masks from the Estonian artist Tanel Veerne.  

Not to mention Anouk Wipprecht’s spectacular prostheses, dreamed up by Viktoria Modesta and designed in collaboration with Koleman Prosthetics, The Alternative Limb Project and Joe Di Prima, which will be accompanied by shoes made to measure by the brand United Nude.

In one of the numbers, Viktoria will also wear fantastic accessories by the New York designer CreepyYeha and the sexy English lingerie house Atelier Bordelle will dress the Crazy Girls.

As for the technology side of things, Crazy Horse Paris appealed to Minuit Une, a young French company that is revolutionizing lighting codes thanks to its new IVL technology, as well as OUCHHH, a very advanced digital creation studio based in Istanbul, and Giglam.

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