Five new recruits join the Crazy Girls!

Very few girls get through the highly selective casting process to join the legendary Crazy Horse Paris troupe. They are charming, sensual and gorgeous: meet Coco Vanille, Laila Liberty, Etta d’Amour, Yuzu Azenor and Spicy Squeeze, our five new dancers!

Different profiles, but just one dream: to perform on the Crazy Horse Paris stage

Coco Vanille personifies true “French charm” in all its wonderfulness. A cocktail fizzing midway between humour and sensuality, this dancer owes her name to Coco Chanel and her famous square cut bob. Her passion for dance is equalled only by her love for her cats!

Laïla Liberty brings a touch of zany to the troupe. She has chosen her name to reflect her Lebanese roots (“Laila” means “night” in Arabic) and her status as a free and independent woman. As she says, any Crazy Girl must have her “Crazy” side!

Etta d’Amour, a name chosen in homage to the singer Etta James, has joined us straight from Australia. Young, blonde with intense green eyes, she travelled all the way to Paris just to audition – that’s real determination! Her ultimate beauty secret? Believe in yourself.

Yuzu Azenor is proud to have a stage name inspired by her dual nationality: a “Yuzu” is a Japanese fruit, symbolising freshness and “Azenor” means ‘honour’ in Breton. Like all the Crazy Girls, this dancer with a cheeky smile is meticulous when it comes to preparing her tableaus: nothing’s left to chance!

Spicy Squeeze brings a dash of hot pepper sauce to the troupe. This young French-American dancer gets her name from her piquant and passionate personality. And just like her idol, Eartha Kitt, her performances are exciting and seductive – for her, the essential element is pleasure!


Photo Credits : Riccardo Tinelli

Fabulous curves, a passion for dance, but above all, a sparkling personality!

To be accepted into this temple of womanhood, you must be an adult and ballet trained. Casting for the Crazy Horse is based on a range of strict criteria, but having a perfect body is only part of the picture: you have to have that “little something” so beloved of Alain Bernardin. A touch of cheekiness, a hint of mischief, a natural sense of fun… Each dancer has to charm the audience in her own special way!

Once selected, the dancers undergo 3 to 5 months of intensive training to become proper Crazy Girls. The last step before they join this enchanting élite: the award of their stage names at their first public performance. Up on their stilettos, these young artists must be able to own the stage, bewitching the audience as they take their place at the legendary Crazy Horse Paris!

If you’d like to see our five new stars on stage, make your booking now!