Finally a Crazy E-boutique!

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Eagerly awaited by guests and fans of the legendary Parisian cabaret, Crazy Horse Paris finally launches its very first e-boutique!

Boutique peignoir Kika Revolver Crazy Horse Paris

Famous for its sophisticated shows combining art, music, dance and fashion, Crazy Horse Paris shines with its originality and avant-gardism. With a creative direction in perpetual movement and an artistic vision that defies conventions, the Parisian cabaret embodies absolute aestheticism and undeniable modernity.

The dancers – or "Crazy Girls" – true stars of the cabaret, dressed in light and projections, captivate with their confidence and their strong stage presence.

The unique values of Crazy Horse Paris are now available in a range of merchandise that reflects the spirit of the cabaret, combining a cultural institution with a lifestyle brand.

Just in time for the end-of-year festivities, from December 7th, fans will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Crazy Horse Paris, and treat themselves, or their loved ones, to a variety of items that will add a touch of glamour and folly to their lives.

The elegance, crazyness and charm of Crazy Horse Paris are now within everyone's reach!

Tote Bag Parisian Glamour
Crazy By Antoine Kruk
Pote clef jaune

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