The Fabulous Crazy Horse, a photographic exhibition by Riccardo Tinelli


The Fabulous Crazy Horse : a photographic exhibition by Riccardo Tinelli

Crazy Horse and Purgatoire-54 Paradis, an exhibition and events space for contemporary arts and new ideas in cooking, have great pleasure in presenting, from 2 to 11 April, « The Fabulous Crazy Horse : a look behind the lights ».

This events presents an exceptional exhibition of photographs celebrating femininity and glamour, a unique artistic collaboration between Riccardo Tinelli and the Crazy Horse.

His first experience working with the famous Paris cabaret left Riccardo under the charming spell of this landmark of Parisian nightlife, fascinated by the atmosphere and ambience he found there.

Hoping to penetrate its enchanting mysteries, Riccardo extended his stay to explore the Crazy Horse and bring us an artist’s vision of this special place.

Glamorous and original, the Crazy Horse shows touch our sensuality and our imagination.

Capture some unique and privileged moments

Riccardo Tinelli has sought to capture some unique and privileged moments to show us the dancers as they truly are. Their natural sensuality and spontaneity hide the complexity and rigour required of a professional dancer. With the photographer’s lens as their accomplice, they play along with the camera to reveal some rare and intimate moments.

Behind the lights, the Crazy Horse girls reveal a world of fantasy and myth. Sparkling bodies in impossible poses. Beautiful and elegant costumes. Enigmatic expressions and impish smiles. Mischievous and seductive… In his photographs, Riccardo Tinelli reveals the fascinating characters of these dancers, totally committed to their passion: dance. Much more than a passion, it is an ever-present obsession, a vector of creativity and a means of communication. Visitors to the exhibition will get a chance to see “behind the lights” and discover the soul of this celebrated Paris cabaret.

Riccardo Tinelli, professional fashion photographer

Riccardo Tinelli was born in Treviso, Italy. He is a professional fashion photographer. Riccardo bought his first camera at the age of 17. He has been photographing continuously ever since, drawing inspiration from everyday life.

His work shows a dynamic world of smooth and colorful shapes and exotic landscapes. He divides his time between New York and the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

The Crazy Horse and his artistic signature

The original Crazy Horse cabaret – also commonly referred to as Le Crazy – was founded in 1951 in Paris by Alain Bernardin, an avant-garde artist, passionate admirer of women and the female form. Fascinated by American show girls and the United States in general, he was driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his cabaret.

Over the years, Bernardin developed a unique and highly recognizable artistic signature. Each of his acts was conceived as a tableau with its own storyline, combining classically trained dancers with perfect, arched bodies dressed primarily in lights, with original choreography, sets, projections, and the latest musical and fashion trends. This artistic signature was rapidly appraised among artists as well as the general public – pleasing women and men alike.

Still today Le Crazy’s rich artistic legacy is recognized and celebrated among artists and designers, with many of whom Le Crazy has collaborated on numerous shows and creative projects, including: Christian Louboutin, Swizz Beatz, Beyoncé, David Lynch, Bob Sinclar, Roberto Cavalli, Ellen von Unwerth, Paco Rabanne, Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuel Ungaro, César, Kylie Minogue, Azzedine Alaia, Christina Aguilera, Philippe Decouflé, Ali Mahdavi, etc.

After more than sixty years since its inception, Le Crazy continues to reinvent itself and the inexhaustible subject of women and femininity. The cabaret company has diversified its activities and developed its unique brand and know-how far beyond France.

Alain Cirelli and the culinary art

Always looking for new challenges, Alain has already lived several lives but never too far away from cooking, which he considers as a real art form. He trained with the greatest chefs (Laserre, Dutournier, Pacaud, Vié, Guérard…) for 20 years or so. When he returned from Italy in 1997, Olivier Bertrand asked him to manage the growth of his company which was opening new venues in Paris.

At the same time, Alain took over the restaurant « Natacha », a place discreetly favoured by show business people and journalists and launched Evénements Culinaires – a kitchen/apartment dedicated to cooking events and related products. Following his great success, Alain worked with his team on a space linking contemporary art and culinary art: Le Purgatoire – 54 Paradis opened in September 2011.

Le Purgatoire, home for culinary creation

Le Purgatoire – 54 Paradis is a resolutely modern open-space venue, in the tradition and codes of old 19th century Parisian “bistrots”. It is a lively and party place where Alain Cirelli shares his taste for art and exchange. Home for culinary creation, it is also a space for research, discovery and encounters around the kitchen space, its special products and a whole bunch of related activities.