Crazy Horse at the heart of Maison Alaïa's first "Dialogue"

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Crazy Horse Paris is honored to be the subject of Alaïa’s first Dialogue, a new series of artistic and cultural projects directed by its Creative Director Pieter Mulier.

In 1979 Azzedine Alaïa created stage costumes for the dancers of Crazy Horse Paris. Outfits that were made to be quickly put on and taken off, as the constraints of the show require. It is at Crazy Horse Paris that Azzedine also learned and understood the woman’s body. And how to amplify its beauty.

In the courtyard of the Alaïa premises in Paris, stands “The Breast” molded on a Crazy Horse Paris dancer by César, a close friend to Azzedine and Crazy Horse Paris. 

It was the synchronicity of these things that made Crazy Horse Paris an evident choice for Pieter Mulier. 

Sam Rock photographed, on its stage and in its backstage area, eleven of its dancers: Nini Pompei, Sake Spotlight, Echo Paradox, Frida Whirlwind, Sassy à la Mode, Prima Analytic, Aqua Marine, Zitta Zurbaghan, Pixelle Canon, Margaux Lachapelle, Yuzu Azenor

Through Sam’s lens, the eleven dancers lined up, in their eleven dresses of eleven different colors, make up for an almost cinematographic moment. Somewhere between reality and fiction. A dream, maybe. The row of colors creates a rhythm, a musicality, a movement. 

Because Alaïa, as Crazy Horse Paris, is, above all, a house in motion.

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