Auditions : The Crazy Horse dance troupe just got bigger


Auditions : The Crazy Horse dance troupe just got bigger

The famed Crazy Horse Paris, following two separate auditions, one that was held on the 12th of January 2015 in Paris and the other, the next day and for the first time ever, in Marseille, at the Espace 81, has integrated seven new dancers into its acclaimed Crazy Girls dance troupe.

These new recruits needed to meet the stringent physical requirements set forth by Alain Bernardin, Crazy Horse Paris founder and great admirer of women and femininity, in 1951, so as to respect the tradition and spirit of this legendary venue.

To become a part of this most glamorous and internationally recognized cabaret and in order to maintain visual harmony on stage and respect the 1/3-2/3 proportions between the dancers’ torso and legs, the candidates must be no shorter than 1m68 and no taller than 1m72.

The distance between the tips of their breasts must be exactly 21cm and that between their belly button and their pubis, 13cm. But these requirements are nothing compared to the importance of having “that little something extra”, as Alain Bernardin liked to say.

Ballet dance training required

Minimum age is 18 to be able to apply at one of the numerous auditions. Furthermore, to become part of the Crazy Horse dance troupe, you must have receivet classical ballet dance-lessons.

The Crazy Horse particularly appreciates candidates with acting talent, which makes all the difference when performing the different acts of the show on the acclaimed stage.

The fortunate few who make the audition will receive 3 to 5 months training, during which they will learn how to become true Crazy Girls and then go on to captivate the public of not only the legendary Parisian cabaret, but also audiences at theaters around the world.

The new Crazy Girls in South Corea

Sensual creatures with dreamily seductive names and incomparably arched backs, these flowers of seduction have integrated the troupe of the international tour, in Seoul.

The new French recruits are Bambi Splish-Splash, who made an indelible impression on the Crazy Horse team during the auditions in Marseille, Starlette O’ara, Margaux La Chapelle, Lolita Kiss-Curl and also the English Martha Vonn Kruppe, who is now performing in South Corea.

You will also be able to see the French dancer Banny Bondieu and the Ukranian Ero Tikka perform on the legendary Crazy Horse Paris stage.


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