Totally Crazy © Solve Sundsbo


Crazy Horse Paris presents its new show: Totally Crazy!

Just in time for the French presidential election,

Crazy Horse Paris presents its 

anti-crisis, anti-blues, anti-gloom remedy: 


Beginning April 2017, Crazy Horse Paris invites Parisians and lovers of Paris to escape their everyday worries in order to freely immerse themselves in 65 years of dazzling creation and “crazyness” packed into 90 enchanting minutes of its new show Totally Crazy.


Under the artistic direction of Andrée Deissenberg, Chief Creative Officer of Crazy Horse Paris, and directed by Stéphane Jarny (“The Voice”, “Saturday Night Fever”, “Dessous-Dessus“), Totally Crazy unites in one dazzling show the most iconic acts of the famous Parisian cabaret, tweaked with a dash of impertinence, with must-see performances by the legendary creators that have revolutionized the world-renown Parisian stage over these past ten years.

The new show also exquisitely combines in the most unexpected and rhythmic way, a selection of majestics acts signed Philippe Decouflé, Christian Louboutin, Chantal Thomass, Dita Von Teese & Ali Mahdavi and Stéphane Lucas aka Mr Luminium.

Discover our new teaser video:


Crazy Horse Paris’ aficionados will be delighted to rediscover timeless Crazy Horse Paris classics, such as Upside Down, Rougir de Désir, “Lay, Laser Lay“, U Turn Me On,“Reine des Coeurs”, “Undress to Kill“, and the quintessential “God Save Our Bareskin”, gleefully twisted for the occasion.

It is with passion, daring, sensuality and humor that the legendary cast of the Crazy Girls, “the most beautiful girls in the world”, perform this festive show, dressed and enhanced by the subtle lighting effects, the artistic signature of Crazy Horse Paris since over 65 years.

Adding to this pulsing and fantastically colorful parade is the seductive presence of George Bangable and Lolly Wish, an exquisite Belgian duo, who accompanies the audience throughout the evening.

  “We wanted to present a show full of personality and charm to offer the public an explosive cocktail of colors and light against the ambient gloom; a sparkling evening to leave a lingering memory… So come out, take on the glamour and vote “Totally Crazy”!”


Book your tickets online, by e-mail, at the box office at 12 avenue George V, or by phone at +33 (0)1  47 23 32 32…
From April 2017, vote… Totally Crazy!


Photo : Solve Sundsbo