Evolution, tableau du show Totally Crazy au Crazy Horse Paris ©Vlada Krassilnikova


The premiere of “Totally Crazy”: a firework of humor and emotion

The premiere of a new Crazy show always comes with great anticipation and a dash of stress… for a pure moment of pleasure. Last night, “Totally Crazy” captivated its audience for one and half hours with a festive and glamorous show.  

An elegant and warm welcome

7:30 pm, 12 avenue George V…

Crazy faithful or novice alike, the audience was curious and eager to discover the show. From the top of the legendary Crazy staircase, the welcoming voices of Lolly Wish and George Bangable invited you to take a seat in this intimate room, all in red velvet and mirrors. The eye was immediately seduced by the Belgian duo’s outfits – made only of light – which unequivocally evoke the heyday of cabaret. Lolly Wish, a superb burlesque diva, and George Bangable, a dashing gentleman crooner, would accompany the audience throughout the evening.

The quintessence of the Crazy, here we go!

7:30 pm, a thrilling chill

The show opened with “Crazy Horse Paris, France”: a festively revisited opening, where the dancers, solemn and mischievous, make the sound of their voices heard. The tone has been set – the show can start!

The second act, “Attitude”, was simply sublime, with its kaleidoscopic projections, and the magnetic and captivating evolutions of the two dancers, that evening Foxy Comedy and Dekka Dance, on the luminous hoop.  Then it was Fasty Wizz who gave the audience a cheeky “Taste of Champagne” before the curtain rose on the already legendary “Reine des Cœurs” imagined by Chantal Thomass.

“Voodoo”, created by Christian Louboutin, continued the show’s elegance and refinement by framing the legs of the dancers like a work of art set to African rhythms. Then it was Dekka Dance’s turn in “Rougir de Désir” brimming with feeling, to a sensual choreography by Philippe Decouflé.

The venue held its breath and admired the arrival of the sensual “Good Girl” of the evening, Lolita Kiss-Curl, then the glamorous Martha Von Krupp, who rightfully walks in the footsteps of Dita Von Teese, in an “Undress to Kill” with just the right touch of the nasty and the sublime to positively conquer the audience.

But that was just the beginning!

From “Lolita” (whose heart belongs to Daddy) in “Femme Fatale”, to seductive duos that raise your temperature (“Striptease-moi”) to the clothes of light (“Baby Buns”), there were in total twenty iconic acts of the Crazy, one after another, and yet the sparkle in every spectator’s eye never flickered for an instant.

Totally Crazy”, is a show that loudly and proudly proclaims its impertinence, its difference and its sensuality in a new and festive package!

To be enjoyed without moderation!

Book your tickets online, by e-mail, at the box office at 12 avenue George V, or by phone at +33 (0)1  47 23 32 32…