Three things you (probably) don’t know about Crazy Horse Paris!

Paris nights have thrilled to the Crazy Girl vibe since 1951 and everyone thinks they know all about this famous cabaret. But do they? Crazy Horse Paris is just as surprising as it is amazing. Here’s a selection of this legendary cabaret’s best-kept secrets.


The club and its stage: what are the reasons for this particular layout?

When a visitor comes to Crazy Horse Paris for the first time and walks down its famous staircase, they are always surprised by the size of the stage and the height of the ceiling.

In fact, before becoming the world’s most glamourous cabaret, Crazy Horse Paris was… a wine cellar. The club you see today is composed of no fewer than 12 different cellars knocked together to create all the different areas of Crazy Horse Paris. It’s this distinctive feature that defines the size of the stage: 6 metres long, 3 metres deep and 2 metres high. And that’s why a Crazy Girl has to be less than 1.73m or 5’6’’ tall: any taller and their amazing 4-inch heels would put them much too close to the ceiling!


Recruitment: how do you become a Crazy Girl?

Their curves and their beauty are as captivating as they are intriguing… So naturally, the Crazy Girls, unique and sublime women, have to meet very specific criteria (height, measurements, classical dance trained).

But what makes the difference is that “extra something”: the cheekiness and fizz that make them the perfect performers for the club’s fabulous tableaux. A smile, an attitude, a sparkle, something that suddenly says “yes, she’s the one”. Out of 500 applicants annually, only 20 will join the company!



Makeup: who helps the cabaret dancers look their best?

For a Crazy Girl the right makeup routine is essential. Bathed in light, performing really close to her audience, each dancer must look perfect.

In fact, each Crazy Girl is responsible for achieving her own flawless look – eyes enhanced with false lashes, lips heightened with flaming Crazy red. But that’s not all: so her skin is faultless under the lights, she smoothes foundation all over her body. Each year, 500 litres of makeup and 300 lipsticks are required to make sure that, night after night, the Crazy Girls can give beautiful expression to the glamour and identity of Crazy Horse Paris.

Photos Credits : Mark Davies and François Goizé