The new Crazy Horse experience is nearly ready


The new Crazy Horse experience is nearly ready

After one month of rehearsals and fine-tuning, the premiere of the new Crazy show will take place on 15 October.

A refurbished room, with the Crazy spirit preserved. “Our aim was to go back to a cosier, friendlier space, more conducive to communication than the little raised theatre we had used since 1989. Everyone can experience Crazy their own way, sitting in armchairs around a table, standing, on a bar stool or in a private box,” declares Andrée Deissenberg, Crazy Horse’s Managing Director.

The refurbishment was carried out by the Crazy Horse’s historical architect, Ugo Truscelli, and a young Belgian interior designer, Anne Derasse.

New technique, new emotions

A major technical innovation in terms of projection and light: a technical solution which allows moving, high definition images to be projected. For sound, the Crazy Horse has chosen a totally new system which allows for real freedom in terms of sound effects and surround sound. “The purpose of these technical changes was to enable us to welcome even more guests, “creatures and creators”, and special events, although our primary concern was to intensify the emotions experienced by our clients“, the Director continues.

Since 1951, the Crazy woman has been sensual and glamorous, elegant and irreverent. Since 1951, the Crazy choreographers have combined boundless beauty with the subtlest of humour. Since 1951, the Crazy Horse has been unique in the world.

The main themes of the new show

The choreographies have been entrusted to Molly Molloy, Alain Bernardin’s legendary choreographer from the 80s. Antoine Kruk, a former colleague of Thierry Mugler, Valentino or Olivier Theyskens at Nina Ricci, has designed the costumes. Marie Jeanne Gauthé, a visual and set designer to Jean Michel Jarre, Mylène Farmer and Johnny Halliday is in charge of the projections. Finally, Marc Di Domenico, Arielle Dombasle’s producer, and producer of the album “Chambre avec Vue” by Henri Salvador, is in charge of music.