Crazy Horse Paris announces a brand new artistic adventure…

The Crazy Horse Paris women: amazing, free and proud

At Crazy Horse Paris, women are the absolute stars every day, all year round. Modern and daring, free and sparkling, the 21st century woman declares her individuality with clarity and strength, whatever form it takes. Because glamour is as much a personality trait as an attitude, our cabaret draws on a number of powerful inspirations to bring its vision to the stage and womanhood, in all its wonderful incarnations, lies at the heart.

This year, Crazy Horse Paris is proud to announce a very special and quite amazing partnership with an exceptional artist… Remarkable, ambitious, futuristic and sublime, this captivating woman defies every stereotype! Who is she? A clue: we can modestly say she is the prototype for a new genre…

Crazy Horse Paris and its guest stars: a wonderful story of daring and creativity

Ever since the first memorable performance by the divine Dita Von Teese in 2006, the cabaret’s first guest star, Crazy Horse Paris has enjoyed artistic partnerships as glamorous as they are cutting edge. Arielle Dombasle, Clotilde Courau, Noémie Lenoir have all made an unforgettable impression on the venue’s legendary stage, a fantastic setting for their femininity. As for Philippe Decouflé, Christian Louboutin and Chantal Thomass, they were able to give their creativity free rein, devising unique worlds that have impacted the mythology of Crazy Horse Paris for ever. And let’s not forget Conchita Wurst, who expressed a new femininity, defying the old conventions, unsettling and contemporary.

This creative encounters have resulted in many fabulous shows, hugely popular with its French and international audiences.

Continuing the theme of these exciting projects, Crazy Horse Paris will shortly be announcing a new artistic adventure for 2019, with 29 performances that will take your breath away. Don’t miss this exclusive event featuring an icon of glamour with a truly futuristic character!

So, who’s our next guest star? Stay in touch, we’ll be announcing on March 12!

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