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Eternal dream

High-heeled and glamorous, the entire cast of Amazons comes on stage in their extravagant costumes for this closing scene, creating a spellbinding image.

Sensual, strong and confident, these delicious creatures give us a last peak at the perfection of their curves, the accuracy of their postures, the strength of their assertive femininity.

An eternal dream, filled with Désirs, which you may never want to leave…



Created in 2013 by the choreographer Philippe Découflé, this scene, staged with a playful and sensual choreography, is the new grand finale of the show “Désirs”.

It represents a nod to the literal Crazy Horse that you also see throughout the show, through the character of La Dompteuse.

Glamazones, staged with a playful and sensual choreography

Enchanting merry-go-round

By turns enchanted and enchanting, this number brings all the Crazy Horse dancers back on stage one last time, these the elite of seduction, part of the legend of the most glamorous of Parisian cabarets, for a final breathtaking and unforgettable choreography before the end of the show.

Timeless loop

Also starring the full cast, “Glamazones” echoes the opening scene of the show “Désirs” entitled “God Save Our Bareskin” and its legendary military march.

The two scenes, symbolic signatures of the Crazy Horse Paris, complement and form an interplay of mirrors, between tradition and modernity, which opens and closes the show in a timeless loop.

Tribute to the legendary cabaret

Inspired by the British photographer and artist John Willie and his magazine Bizarre, “Glamazones” is truly a tribute by the choreographer Philippe Decouflé to the cabaret at Avenue George V.

A legendary Paris nightlife institution, which, since its creation in 1951 by Alain Bernardin, has seen countless, stars in its famous velvet armchairs, but also on stage with its famous Guests Stars on the Crazy program since 2006.is 2006.

A surprising costume designed by Antoine Kruk

Evolving to beautiful music created for Crazy Horse by French composer and guitarist Oli Le Baron, accompanied by Pierre Le Bourgeois, the Crazy Girls turn into gorgeous Amazons on stage.

They are all a dressed in an exquisite costume in the form of horse, created by the talented designer Antoine Kruk and faithful collaborator of the Crazy Horse. This amazing outfit was custom made for each dancer, by the skillful hands of the Crazy Horse costume designers, in their workshop.

The shoes, also designed by Antoine Kruk, were signed by the famous Maison Ernest.

The magnificent projections created by Philippe Decouflé, were shot at Musée des Arts Forains in Paris. A magical place in the heart of the Bercy district, which houses thousands of rare objects: antique funfair pieces, performance objects (Theater, Music Hall, etc.) and other curiosities.

So Crazy!



  • Christian Louboutin a dessiné les souliers d’une majorité de tableaux dont « Teasing », « Rougir de Désir » et « Upside Down ».

  • Celebrity shoe creator Christian Louboutin designed the red-soled shoes for many acts including “Teasing”, “Rougir de Désirs” and “Upside Down”.

  • All dancers are classically trained. It takes three to five month of hard work to transform a classical dancer into a Crazy Girl.

  • At least six pairs of shoes are tailor made for each dancer.

  • Inauguré le 21 septembre 2009, le show “Désirs” est signé Philippe Decouflé et Ali Mahdavi.

  • La voix féminine sur la bande son du numéro “Spoutnik” appartient à la danseuse Fiamma Rosa.

  • Hilton McConnico a crée la première affiche du spectacle “Désirs” en 2009.

  • Chaque danseuse est baptisée d’un nom de scène lors de son entrée au Crazy Horse.

  • Le nom du cabaret parisien est en hommage au chef Sioux Crazy Horse.

  • Crazy Horse Paris was founded by Alain Bernardin in 1951 and has been an illustrious cabaret ever since.

  • 300 “Crazy Red” lipsticks are used each year by Crazy Horse Paris’ dancers.

  • Poupie Cadolle a crée les corsets de « Red Shoes ».

  • Chaque année, les danseuses du Crazy Horse utilisent 250 paires de bas, 500 litres de maquillage et 300 tubes de rouge « Crazy ».

  • Two Crazy Girls modelled for David Lynch’s “Fetish” photo series

  • More than 30 dancers currently work with Crazy Horse Paris.

  • Internationally acclaimed corsetiere Poupie Cadolle, whose grandmother invented the bra, designed the corsets for « Red Shoes ».

  • The cabaret is considered a national monument in France. It is a cultural phenomenon and part of the national heritage.

  • La 1ère Guest Star dans l’histoire du Crazy Horse est Dita Von Teese en octobre 2006.

  • Deux danseuses du Crazy Horse ont été les modèles pour David Lynch pour son projet « Fetish », en collaboration avec Christian Louboutin.

  • Fifi Chachnil signe la tenue de la PDGère dans « Crisis ! What Crisis ? »