Dive into the Crazy Horse Paris legend: take a plunge into an exclusive, intimate and unique experience!

Last September, more than 400 people were allowed behind the scenes of Crazy Horse Paris, which opened its doors for the first time as part of the European Heritage Days.

Are you tempted to discover Crazy Horse Paris on a truly unique journey? Then visit the cabaret in VIP mode and have a “Crazy Experience” – one that you won’t soon forget…

A visit with wonderful company – a “Crazy Girl”

There are four of them to bring you the true “Crazy Experience”: Enny Gmatic, Mika Do, Martha Von Krupp and Gloria di Parma, who take turns showing you the cabaret and revealing its little secrets.

With absolute class, they wear the pencil skirt created by Fifi Chachnil that highlights their perfect curves, a white silk blouse, and of course, on their feet, the breathtaking Louboutin pumps. An outfit that immediately puts you into Crazy Horse Paris ambiance, since it is directly inspired by an iconic act created by Philippe Decouflé, “Crisis? What Crisis!”.  Feminine down to tips of their toes, your sublime guides to discovering the universe of Crazy Horse Paris exude both the assurance of their beauty and an unexpected softness. Warmly accessible, they will immediately put you at ease.

A felted universe: Crazy Horse Paris – unveiled

The tour begins with the antechamber to Crazy Horse Paris. You will discover a felted, overwhelmingly red universe that is as elegant as it is unique. Here every detail counts and nothing is left to chance. The tour of the women’s toilets will make you smile, and for good reason: they are definitely not your typical toilets, but shhh! – we will say no more.

Entering the main room, you will probably see the technicians busy at work, bottles of champagne being put in the cooler: a effervescence mastered down to the last detail so that everything is perfect when the audience arrives. You will have the delicious chance of having the cabaret all to yourself for the space of a precious moment. Right up near the stage, your Crazy Girl will happily answer your questions: how big is the stage, do the dancers see the audience during the show, etc. Telling you about “her” Crazy Horse Paris is a real pleasure for your each dancer, you’ll see!

The heart and soul of the cabaret: the very essence of glamour

The tour will continue as you pass through a little “secret” door that allows you to dive into the behind-the-scenes world of Crazy Horse Paris, the one the audience never sees. You will discover the Bernardin salon, a boudoir that distills the entire history of the cabaret, and in which each object seems to have a soul – and a story. Your Crazy Girl will reveal a few secrets to you, and your imagination will do the rest… As show time approaches, the tour will come to an end. You will share a glass of champagne and petits fours with your charming hostess. A final souvenir photo and she will return to the dancers’ private quarters, while you take your VIP seats in the theater to savor the show “Totally Crazy” – now with a different eye.

The “Crazy Experience”: practical information 

The “Crazy Experience” is a unique moment: groups are made of a maximum of 16 people to best enjoy the tour. You are welcomed at 7:00 pm for an hour full of delight (which ends with champagne and petits fours), before you take your seats in the theater to attend the show in VIP mode.

When ? 

In French, every Friday (except from 07/16 to 08/19)

In English, next “Crazy Experience” June 15th 2018 at 7pm – any other date on demand


Book your “Crazy Experience” online now !

or by email reservation@lecrazyhorseparis.com


Think about it for your gifts, but keep in mind that spots are limited, so don’t delay in booking your evening!

Would you like an even more exclusive tour? The “Crazy Experience” can be personalized to suit your wishes.

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Photos: Riccardo Tinelli