Product launch : Paloma

Product launch : Paloma

Launch Event

On 3rd September 2015, Christian Louboutin launched at the Crazy Horse his new bag collection: “Paloma“.
Indeed, his worldwide known house has been intimately related to the Parisian cabaret since 2012 when Christian Louboutin was the first designer Guest at the Crazy for which he created the show FEU.
Paloma was inspired by the red velvet muted sphere of the cabaret. The handles represent the endless legs of the mythical dancers while the red color symbolizes the red soles and the cabaret frame.
Plus, the bag underside never touches the ground thanks to its pads such as the dancers’ feet with Louboutin shoes.
As many likenesses showing that these two houses are closer than ever.

Soirée Louboutin au Crazy Horse


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